The project “Young Painter Prize”, which is taking place for the ninth time, invites young artists from three Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – to submit applications. The applications of participants must be submitted by 1 September, 2017. Conditions for participation in the project: 1. All artists that have a degree in art or are studying it, as well as senior art students can participate in the project “Young Painter Prize 2017”. 2. Applications for participation should be submitted by the young artists under the age.. 

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Dear fellow painter, I hereby begin this text by claiming that you are not the one and only cause of your painting. For me this assertion acquires increasingly more importance and clarity. We are affected by environment during creative processes, therefore the resulting artwork is an outcome of these influences as well. Today, while speaking of my own art, I cannot claim that a certain painting or drawing belongs exceptionally to me. I am thankful for everything I created to all those people I meet and all these situations I was involved in. 



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Though titled The Façade, a façade is precisely what is missing in Vita Opolskytė’s 2015 painting, which peels back the outer layer of a house to reveal a cross-section of its interiors. The rooms are stacked like shoeboxes, with the walls and floors rendered in the rumpled manner of old cardboard. The architecturally-induced wooziness is enhanced by the stark contrast of the dazzlingly-patterned wallpaper against the murky warmth of the wood paneling, or the quiet pauses of the plainly-painted..


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YPP'18 Winners!


The art residence in Lisbon, the exhibition in Vilnius and the monetary prize - this year was awarded the best young painter in the Baltic States. The international commission was most impressed by Monica Plentauskaitė. The Young Painter Prize in Vilnius was presented 10 times. On this occasion were opened four YPP exhibitions and two satelitte exhibitions in the capital of Lithuania.



About 100 young painters from the Baltic States competed for the title of the best young artist. Monika Plentauskaitė was elected. According to the International Commission, in her work Monika managed to perfectly balance painting technique and conceptual background so it speaks confidentiality and directly to the viewer, empowering us with its strength. Its even more encouraging as it comes from a young female artist. Talking about her family history, she's able to erase the boundaries between her story and the lives of viewers.


Monika  Plentauskaitė - The Female Painter (Self-portrait).140x110cm, oil on canvas, 2018


The Special Mention - autoriai Prize Winner / 1000 eur. 

Congrats Gabrielė Vingraitė



The Additional Prize Winner - The Rooster Gallery Open Prize / 500 eur.
Congrats Liisa Kruusmagi.