The annual Young Painter’s Prize has been awarded for the fifteenth time. On Friday 10 November 2023, the Young Painter’s Prize art competition (YPP) has marked its fifteenth anniversary and held the award ceremony which was followed by the opening of the YPP finalists’ group show in the Museum of Applied Art and Design. This year, the main prize went to the Lithuanian artist Agata Orlovska . In his address to the participants of the competition, the YPP jury member Mr. Laurent Le Bon – art historian, the President..

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This year – for the fifteenth time already – the Young Painter Prize (YPP) competition invites the young artists from around the Baltic States to showcase their work. This year, as last year, as an exception, young Ukrainian artists who currently reside in Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia can apply for the competition. Young artists from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine (residing in Baltic countries) are invited to apply to the competition..

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YPP Announces This Year's Best Young Painter in the Baltic States. This year’s winner of the Young Painter Prize competition was announced in Vilnius Picture Gallery on 18 November. For fourteen years now, YPP is continuing to be one of the key events for the young artists from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and, exceptionally this year, Ukraine. The YPP’s international jury announced Linas Kaziulionis as this year’s best young painter in the Baltic states.

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Invitation to YPP'13

The project “Young Painter Prize”, which is taking place for the fifth time, invites young artists from three Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – to submit applications.
The main aim of the project is to present the brightest and most promising painters of the younger generation and to create an opportunity for public access to such dynamic new art. Moreover, this projects aims to help its target audience in both Lithuania and abroad – art collectors, managers, curators – discover new talents in Lithuania and Baltic States. This project is focused solely on artists under 30 years old (inclusive) from all disciplines who have acquired (or are in the process of acquiring) a diploma in art. The age limit has been imposed deliberately wishing to concentrate only on those very young artists who have just graduated (or are graduating) universities. This category of young artists is most vulnerable and has the largest need for support.

The exhibition and the event are going in:                                     

Contemporary Art Centre on November 22, 2013 – January 19, 2014
On 22 November at 18:00 The Award Evening of Young Painters Prize

The applications of participants must be submitted by 1 October, 2013

MAIN PRIZE – 2.500 EUR and two months' residence in Nordic Artists' Centre Dale, Norway, with a monthly grant of nok 8.000,-

Conditions for participation in the project:

1. All artists that have a degree in art or are studying it, as well as senior art students can participate in the project “Young Painter Prize 2013”

2. Applications for participation should be submitted by the young artists under the age of 30 (inclusive);

3. The painting submitted for the competition should be created during the period of 2012/2013 (one artwork must be provided for the competition, selected by the artist at his/her own discretion);

4. By October 1, 2013, the due information should be submitted in e-variant (by, including:

Artwork photos of a good quality (1 photo of the artwork devoted for the competition – marked as the main competitive artwork in order to distinguish it from others, and 4 photos of accompanying works). It is essential to indicate the registers of each artwork: the title of the artwork (in English), the size, its accomplishment technique and date. The top of the painting should be clearly indicated as well. (Photo format jpg, jpeg, tiff, tif)

•  The application form (download)

• Creative biography (in English)

• The descriptive conception of the competitive artwork (up to 1 page, in English);

5. The artist who has presented his/her painting for the competition, accepts the condition that the artwork of “Young Painter Prize 2013” winner become property of the project organizers;

6. The artist who has presented his/her painting for the competition, accepts the condition that the project organizers have a right to use the creation for information dissemination purposes without the author’s agreement and without any copyright payment;

7. Former YPP Main Prize winners cannot participate in the project.



Arild H. Eriksen, Nordic Artists' Centre Dale, director, Norway.
Lolita Jablonskienė, the head of National Art Gallery, Lithuania.
Kęstutis Kuizinas, director of Contemporary Art Centre, Lithuania.
Petri Hytonen, artist, member of the Collegium of the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, Finland.
Sabine Vess, artist, Netherland.
Zane Onckule, curator and program director at kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, Latvia.
Rūta Frankė, art critic, The European Investment Bank's art program consultant, Lithuania.
Sirje Helme, The Art Museum of Estonia, Director-General, Estonia.
Patricija Jurkšaitytė, artist, Lithuania.
Juan de Nieves, director of Rupert, Lithuania.

Coordinators of Young Painter Prize 2013: Julija Petkevičienė, Vilmantas Marcinkevičius, Valentinas Klimašauskas.

YPP'13 Winner's residence Nordic Artists' Centre Dale, Norway:

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