The art residence in Lisbon, the exhibition in Vilnius and the monetary prize - this year was awarded the best young painter in the Baltic States. The international commission was most impressed by Monica Plentauskaitė. The Young Painter Prize in Vilnius was presented 10 times. On this occasion were opened four YPP exhibitions and two satelitte exhibitions in the capital of Lithuania. About 100 young painters from the Baltic States competed for the title of the best young artist. Monika Plentauskaitė was elected. According to the International Commission, in her work Monika managed to perfectly balance..

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Young Painter Prize celebrates 10year anniversary! This year the competition has 72 participant artists with correctly completed applications from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. After Jury decision for the main prize are compete these X YPP finalists: Arnolds Andersons / LV; Kęstutis Juršėnas / LT; Liisa Kruusmägi / EE; Linda Lagzdina / LV; Sandra Strele / LV; Laura Igovena / LV; Monika Radžiūnaitė / LT; Monika Plentauskaitė / LT; Justine Seile / LV; Jurgis Tarabilda / LT; Ieva Juršėnaitė / LT; Eglė Norkutė / LT; Solveig Lill / EE; Gabrielė Vingraitė..

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Young Painter Prize celebrates 10year anniversary! Invitation to YPP'18. The main prize of Young Painter Prize 2018: 2.000 EUR + a studio and accommodation in Artistic Research Center HANGAR, located in Graça, Lisbon, Portugal. Save the date: November 9th , 2018! Deadline: September 1st, 2018. Conditions for participation in the project: 1. All artists that have a degree in art or are studying it, as well as senior art students can participate in the project “Young Painter Prize 2018”. Applications for participation should be submitted.. 

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Invitation to YPP'17


The project “Young Painter Prize”, which is taking place for the ninth time, invites young artists from three Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – to submit applications.


The applications of participants must be submitted by 1 September, 2017



The main prize of Young Painter Prize 2017:
2.000 EUR + AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2018 a studio and accommodation in SomoS​  artist residency in Berlin + Personal exhibition in Pamėnkalnio galerija​ Gallery!
Save the date: October 26th, 2017!
Our space partner - VDA parodų salės Titanikas​  / Maironio str. 3, Vilnius, Lithuania.
The exhibition time: 2017.10.26 - 2017.11.19
Our residency program partner - SomoS.

Conditions for participation in the project:

1. All artists that have a degree in art or are studying it, as well as senior art students can participate in the project “Young Painter Prize 2017”

2. Applications for participation should be submitted by the young artists under the age of 30 (inclusive);

3. The painting submitted for the competition should be created during the period of 2016/2017 (one artwork must be provided for the competition, selected by the artist at his/her own discretion);

4. By September 1, 2017 the due information should be submitted in e-variant (by e-mail:, including:

✶ Artwork photos of a good quality (1 photo of the artwork devoted for the competition – marked as the main competitive artwork in order to distinguish it from others, and 4 photos of accompanying works). It is essential to indicate the registers of each artwork: the title of the artwork (in English), the size, its accomplishment technique and date. The top of the painting should be clearly indicated as well. (Photo format jpg, jpeg, tiff, tif)

✶ The application form (online)

✶ Creative biography (in English)

✶ The descriptive conception of the competitive artwork (up to 1 page, in English);


5. The artist who has presented his/her painting for the competition, accepts the condition that the artwork of “Young Painter Prize 2017” winner become property of the project organizers;

6. The artist who has presented his/her painting for the competition, accepts the condition that the project organizers have a right to use the creation for information dissemination purposes without the author’s agreement and without any copyright payment;

7. Former YPP Main Prize winners cannot participate in the project.



We would like to present YPP'17 Jury Members:

1. Renāte Prancāne / Executive Director / Contemporary Art Centre kim? / Latvia
2. Arvydas Žalpys / Galerist and Art Critic / Gallery Meno Parkas / Lithuania
3. Leevi Haapala / Museum Director / Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA / Finland
4. Triin Tulgiste / Curator, Project Manager / Contemporary Art Gallery Kumu / Estonia
5. Linsey Young / Curator, Contemporary British Art / Contemporary Art Museum TATE / Great Britain
6. Vilmantas Marcinkevičius / Painter / Young Painter Prize initiator / Lithuania



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